BGP Colocation Providers

A list of BGP Colocation Providers that offer BGP sessions worldwide.

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Route Type
Minimum Service
BGP Community Information
47447EuropeFrankfurt, GermanyDefault, FullDedicated Server50EUR + 18.075EUR/m

Available from provider

Free BGP sessions on 1/2 rack or bigger colocation

42473, 47147Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America48 countries Default, FullLowest PlanNONE

Available from provider incl. large communities


211144EuropeLondon, United Kingdom
Warsaw, Poland
Chisinau, Moldova
Oslo, Norway
Default, FullVPS 2NONE
28929EuropeVenice, ItalyDefault, FullLowest Plan50 EUR/m

Available from provider

6597North AmericaAtlanta, United StatesDefault, FullLowest PlanNONE

Available from provider

Can provide connections to SNAP IX, CIX-ATL, and D...
51765EuropeHelsinki, Finland?Dedicated Server50EUR/m
399646North AmericaHouston, United StatesDefault, FullLowest PlanNONE

Open a support ticket to set up BGP

10355North AmericaAtlanta, United StatesDefault, FullLowest PlanNONE
7195North America, South AmericaUnited States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey FullLowest Plan250USD setupLINK
264254, 262377South America, North AmericaRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Miami, United States
FullCloud server150 USD/m
48927EuropeFrankfurt, GermanyDefault, FullVPS?
21738North AmericaKansas City, United States
San Francisco, United States
Default, FullLowest PlanNONELINK"BGP Transit via Arelion(1299) and Hurricane Elect...
207960EuropeLeeds, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Frankfurt, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Default, FullLowest PlanNONELINK
263702South AmericaSantiago, ChileDefaultVPSNONEThey will provide you a LOA template to fill if wa...
30475North AmericaDenver, United StatesDefault, FullLowest PlanNONE

Contact provider for communities

49434EuropeFranceDefault, FullLowest PlanNONE


33185North AmericaMontreal, CanadaDefault, FullColo15CAD per month

No communities - passthrough to upstreams

29802North America, EuropeUnited States, Germany Default, FullDedicated ServerDiscuss fee with sales

Location Based / Discard communities available.

Reports of fee being $500; 2nd report: No fee in T...
33182North America, South America, Europe, AsiaMexico, Colombia, Brazil, Netherlands, United Kingdom, India, China Default, FullLowest Plan75 USD/m + 75 USD setup
9678AsiaTaipei, TaiwanDefaultDedicated Server $35/mNONE


KYC Required for all Taiwan Services

37738AfricaFez, MoroccoDefault??
6939North America, Europe, AsiaUnited States, Germany, United Kingdom, China FullAny$500/m (BGP-enabled 6to4 tunnel) Free (Colo/IX)

6939:666 - Blackhole only

Provides IPv6 transit over IX for free. IPv6 tunn...
25369EuropeLondon, United Kingdom
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Default, FullAny£25 Setup + £10/m

Available from provider

Connexions partner for LINX LON1. Can also resell ...
60503Europe, South AmericaNetherlands
DefaultCloud/Dedicated50EUR/m cloud servers, dedi FREE if >200EUR/m

Available from provider

There's also a standalone service (HTS) specific t...
49544Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America29 countries Full/DefaultLowest PlanColo/Transit - FREE Dedicated – €0.00 - 51.50 EUR/mLINKFrom i3d: Strict routing security requirements: mu...
34927Europe, OceaniaGermany, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, United States, Singapore, Australia Default, FullLowest PlanNONELINKIXP Ports on VPS in Frankfurt: KleyReX, LocIX, NL-...
207841EuropeLondon, United KingdomFullAnyNONELINK
61102AsiaIsraelDefault, Full/SelectiveLowest PlanNONE

Available from provider + flowspec

48292Asia, EuropeIstanbul, TurkeyDefafult/FullLowest PlanNONE


263812South AmericaPeru
Defaults2 cloud200 USD

Available from provider

397373North AmericaBend, United States
Los Angeles, United States
Charlotte, United States
Monticello, United States
Default, FullLowest Plan25USD/m (free for edu/non-profit)

Allows nullroute/blackhole and community passthrough

51519EuropeSwedenDefault, FullLowest PlanNONELINK

207439EuropeEUDefault, FullLowest PlanNONE


Also provies IXP-Transit, cellular dataplans, DSL,...
138997Asia, North AmericaLos Angeles, United States
Hong Kong, China
Tokyo, Japan
Singapore, Singapore
Santa Clara, United States
Default, FullLowest Plan$68 setup, $28 MRC, $28/per prefix update

Passthrough + blackhole + prepend

BGP fees details(Chinese):

203003EuropeHelsinki, Finland??1450EUR setup, 150EUR/m for v4+6If only IPv4, there's an instalation fee which can...
32931North AmericaDenver, United States
Los Angeles, United States
Default, FullLowest Plan50 USD/m, FREE on >$99/m plans


34549EuropeFrankfurt, GermanyFullLowest PlanNONE

Informational communities on AS IRR record, Passthrough to upstreams

Can provide a KleyReX, LOCIX and DECIX VLAN

44684, 60011Europe, North AmericaLondon, United Kingdom
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fremont, United States
Full/DefaultLowest plan10 GBP/mLINKDatacenter cross connects can be connected to colo...
47869Europe, North America, AsiaNetherlands, Germany, Sweden, Romania, United States, China Default, FullBare Metal for BGP25 EUR/USD per monthLINK
13830North AmericaTexas, United StatesDefault, FullDedicated ServerNONELINK
33387North AmericaUnited StatesDefaultDedicated Server$50/month custom server

Available from provider

Offer peering port to KCIX only available on custo...
58299, 41051EuropeWinterthur, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
Frankfurt, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Default, FullLowest PlanNONE (see notes)

Passthrough, Automatisation for Blackhole in Progress

Services: FreeTunnels, IXP Transit, FTTH + DS | Fr...
2033North AmericaNew York, United StatesFull??
138398OceaniaNew Zealand
NZ - Full, AUS - DefaultLowest PlanNONE

Own + upstreams

LOA required. NZ includes Spark transit. Can do yo...
26548North AmericaSeattle, United States
Dallas, United States
New York, United States
DefaultDedicated/1U coloFREE colo, $15 dedicated

Offers connection to NYIIX and SIX

8100North AmericaUnited StatesDefault, FullLowest PlanNONELINK
212477Europe, North AmericaAmsterdam, Netherlands
New York, United States
Default, FullDedicated Server25EUR/m + 50 EUR setup

Available from provider

52073EuropeFranceDefaultLowest Plan25 EUR setup
58057EuropeUnited States, Switzerland, Germany, Norway FullLowest PlanNONE


Tunnels provided under / IXP Ports...
398986, 17914North AmericaDallas, United StatesDefault, FullAny dedi/coloNONE

Contact support

12637EuropeMilan, Italy
Frosinone, Italy
Default, FullCloud serverNONELINK

Can provide ports to Italian IXPs. IPv6 available.

Full4.5€ vat exclNONE

Can be provided to user on request

Tunnel available @

46844Europe, North AmericaUnited States
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Denver, United States
Chicago, United States
Los Angeles, United States
Default, Full50USD/m

Communities/passthrough/flexible - just ask!

Fee is waivable for the right monthly spend.

212806EuropeUnited KingdomDefault, FullLowest PlanNONE

Passed through to upstreams

Can provide connection to LINX LON1 @ £190/month

395502North AmericaPortland, United StatesDefault, Full1GNONE
208453EuropeStockholm, SwedenDefaultLowest Plan?

BGP only available in Sweden

397423North AmericaAshburn, United States
Bend, United States
Charlotte, United States
Dallas, United States
New York, United States
Default, FullLowest Plan25/m

RTBH and community passthrough

Default, Full/GeographicLowest PlanunknownDirect connectivity to INEX, MIX, NAMEX, MINAP, AM...
211301EuropeGermanyDefault, Full, Partial?NONE
5505EuropeValencia, SpainDefault, Full100Mbps150EUR/m
64073OceaniaNew ZealandDefaultLowest PlanNONE

Available on request

62513North AmericaToronto, CanadaDefault, Fulls1.smallNONELINKAnnounced prefixes must have appropriate RPKI ROAs...
3214, 4785, 9312Europe, AsiaGermany, Netherlands, Japan, China Default, FullColoNONE

Available from provider, some locations unavailable

Different ASN per location, not all locations have...

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