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A list of BGP Tunnel Providers that offer BGP sessions worldwide.

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Route Type
Minimum Service
BGP Community Information
Default, FullLowest PlanNONE


Transit via Tunnel, IX or Cross Connect. Tunnel in...
266768South AmericaArgentinaDefault, Full?NONE
400818North AmericaUnited StatesDefault, FullLowest PlanNONE

Yes, Contact Support

GRE/SIT, GIF, & VXLAN tunnels supported

216360North AmericaDallas, United States
Tampa, United States
Default, Full??
17139North AmericaUnited StatesDefault, FullDedicatedNONE

Supports extended communities

63375North AmericaDallas, United StatesDefault, Full$39.99NONEBGP Backup path only (up to 72 hours of monthy use...
21738North AmericaKansas City, United States
San Francisco, United States
Default, FullLowest PlanNONELINK"BGP Transit via Arelion(1299), Cogent(174) and Hu...
61597South AmericaBrazilDefault, Full/Partial (national)Lowest Plan249.99 EUR setup, 49.99 EUR/m

No communities

21472EuropeHampshire, United KingdomDefault, Full??
6939North America, Europe, AsiaUnited States, Germany, United Kingdom, China FullAny$500/m (BGP-enabled 6to4 tunnel) Free (Colo/IX)

6939:666 - Blackhole only

Provides IPv6 transit over IX for free. IPv6 tunn...
47272Europe, North AmericaUnited States
Frankfurt, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
London, United Kingdom
Kansas City, United States
Default, FullLowest PlanNONELINK
34927Europe, OceaniaGermany, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, United States, Singapore, Australia Default, FullLowest PlanNONELINKIXP Ports on VPS in Frankfurt: KleyReX, LocIX, NL-...
199393AsiaIsraelDefault, FullLowest Plan?

Available, passthrough to upstreams

provides full access to IIX

2027EuropeParis, FranceDefault, FullLowest Plan15EUR/m
34465Africa, Europe, North AmericaSouth Africa, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States, United Arab Emirates Default, FullVPS S or 50M IPT or 1U ColoNONE

Available from provider

Email: info [at] Tunnels available on...

v6 tunnel only, info @

47526EuropeNuremberg, Germany
Fuerth, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Default, Full100mbit/sNONE

Upcoming on AS47526 whois, currently on Request with Support. Detailled List of BGP Large Communities.

also offers: Backup-as-a-Service, WDM Wavelength (...
202673Europe, North AmericaSpain
Miami, United States
New York, United States
Dallas, United States
DefaultLowest PlanNONE (see notes)

Hover to see

50€ if need AntiDDOS

52025Europe, North AmericaEuropean Union
London, United Kingdom
Fremont, United States
Kansas City, United States
Toronto, Canada
210030EuropeParis, FranceDefaultTunnel Or VPS (Can provide Mikrotik CHR VM on demand)20 € NRC + 10 € MRC + (1€ / Mbps .95th)

"With antiddos"

212895Europe, North AmericaKansas City, United States
Frankfurt, Germany
Sandefjord, Norway
Vancouver, Canada
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Default, FullAnyNONE
58057EuropeUnited States, Switzerland, Germany, Norway FullLowest PlanNONE


Tunnels provided under / IXP Ports...
208885Europe, AsiaIstanbul, TurkeyDefault, FullDedicated Server30

Available on request

Contact support before buying

Full4.5€ vat exclNONE

Can be provided to user on request

Tunnel available @

202520EuropeWrocław, Poland
Eygelshoven, Netherlands
DefaultVPS Offer 30 GB100PLN / 20 EUR

Available on request

Can provide up to 100G in Poland and NL

328840AfricaAfricaDefault, Full??
393577North AmericaKansas City, United StatesDefault, FullLowest Plan / None required (Free tunnels)NONE"We offer a variety of services including VPS', Co...
199415EuropeFranceDefaultLowest Plan25EUR

Tunnel info @

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